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ACE Driving School cover all areas of Co Kerry and Cork City


We specialize in giving our students the very best training available.

Are you looking for a more relaxed driving experience or want to learn to drive and pass your driving test quickly?

Perhaps you have a disability that makes it difficult to shift gears seamlessly or find manual driving too challenging? No worries, we've got you covered!

Our patient and dedicated driving instructors provide automatic driving lessons for students of all ages. With our help, you will become a confident and safe driver, learning at your own pace. Learning to drive an automatic car is a great way to focus on the safety skills you need without getting bogged down in gears and clutches.

At Ace Driving School Cork, our qualified and friendly instructors will teach you everything you need to know about operating an automatic car effectively, while also helping you relax behind the wheel and enjoy the learning process. With our dual-controlled vehicles, you can be sure that you are safe while learning to drive in a variety of everyday situations, from driving in the rain to handling emergency vehicle situations.

Our aim is to take the stress out of driving and get you on the road as soon as you are ready.

We work on any concerns or fears you might have, providing helpful feedback and support at every step of your driving journey.

Learning to drive in an automatic car can make the physical job of driving much easier, especially in busy cities where changing gears and clutch control are necessary parts of everyday driving. With our automatic driving lessons, you can learn and pass your driving test more quickly, opening up many doors for you.

Imagine waking up half an hour later than usual and still getting to work on time, without having to rely on public transport. With Ace Driving School Cork, you can pass your driving test on the first try and avoid the stress and hassle of waiting for a bus or train.

Remember, if you pass your automatic license, you may only operate an automatic car. However, if you learn to drive a manual car and pass that license, you can drive both manual and automatic transmission vehicles. Either way, we can help you become familiar and confident with driving an automatic or manual car.

Join us at Ace Driving School Cork and start your driving journey with confidence. Book your automatic driving lessons with us today!


Automatic Car Driving lessons Prices 

Automatic Car Driving Lessons are priced at €50 per Hour  (t&c's apply)

Automatic Lessons are carried out in Cork City only.

Fees apply if paying by "Pay Pal"

No Fees apply if Paying by "Sum Up"


Reduced 6 Hour EDT Programme with Log Book in an Automatic Car From €50 per Hour. Plus €5.00 for EDT Log Book.

10 Hour Intensive Automatic Driving Course from €700


Prices for Car Hire / Driving Test Packages: Automatic Car (t&c's Apply) 

Car Hire For Test + 1 Hours Pre Test Lesson €150

Car Hire for Test + 2 Hours Pre Test Lesson €180


Terms and Conditions regarding Car Hire for Driving Test: 

All Students MUST take a minimum of 4 Hours Driving Lessons before any Test Packages will be offered. If the student in the Driving Instructors opinion is NOT at a safe standard of Driving. The Car will not be offered to the Student to use on their Driving Test.  


We only cover Cork City for automatic car driving lessons

At Ace Driving School Cork, we are very proud of our 98% first-time pass rate

We specialise in giving our students the very best training available,

All of our instructors are RSA qualified and they are the very best instructors available, all our Instructors are greatly experienced in all aspects of automatic car driving    

At Ace Driving School Cork our Instructors are also RSA Qualified Trainers, 
At Ace Driving School Cork we excel in all aspects of automatic car driver training. 

Why should someone learn to drive in an automatic car?

Because it’s Easier !!!!!

No Gears   -  Means  -  NO TEARS !!!



  • ACE Driving School Cork, There are enough stresses in this world without that of learning to drive. It's a lot to take in and learning to drive can make the coolest character nervous.

    If you find yourself in this category then why not switch to an automatic car and give yourself a break from the beeping horns and the annoyance of stalling every few minutes. With an automatic, you simply stop and go, stop and go...how refreshing.

    The beauty of automatic is that realistically it is safer. There are only two pedals, the brake and accelerator " The Stop And The Go Pedals ", not three. That means you don't need to worry about the troublesome clutch and gear stick. The automatic gearbox handles all of that effortlessly for you. That means you can concentrate on the road and on potential hazards that may come your way. You'll feel so much more confident knowing that you can focus solely on observation and be staying safe on the roads.

    If you're a nervous driver and you need to get your licence, be it for work or simply for the sense of freedom then passing your test in the automatic could be the best option for you.

    Learn to drive the easy way

    In an automatic, it is possible to pass the test in just a few weeks through one of our intensive driving packages which suit all abilities.

    That means instead of months you can be driving on the roads in a matter of weeks which can open up opportunities for work, study, and relaxation.

    The intensive training courses don't suit everyone but if you're committed to learning to drive fast then it is worth some thought.

    Why not give us a call today and book in for a one-hour assessment lesson and we can see what level you are at and create a lesson package that suits you.

A couple of terms and conditions apply, so just contact us for more information.

Or you can contact us on 087 80 300 60 to discuss further!