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ACE Driving School cover all areas of Co Kerry and Cork City


We specialize in giving our students the very best training available.

Discover the difference for yourself - pass quicker, save money and give yourself the best possible start to a lifetime of safe driving.

Intensive driving courses (sometimes referred to as "crash driving courses") are the fastest way possible to learn to drive. Popular with learners of all ages, intensive driving courses make it possible to learn with a 5-day course that could take up to 6 months to learn to take a 1-hour driving lesson every week with other driving schools.


ACE Driving School offers

10 Hour Refresher Intensive  Driving Course in a Manual or Automatic Car is from €600  and

12 Hour EDT Intensive Driving Course in a Manual or Automatic Car is from €700  [ t&c apply ] 

Intensive Driving Courses are Pre Paid and NON-refundable once Bookings are made and accepted. 

Ace Driving School Cork offers driving lessons from one-week courses to semi-intensive courses to suit your schedule.

  • Many people have taken a seemingly endless stream of driving lessons without making the necessary improvements to get to pass their driving test. What separates us from other driving schools is that we can guarantee your standard of driving will improve much quicker
  • Many of our customers fit the course around work or college holidays. Some people find the idea of 'getting it all over within one go' appealing; others need to learn quickly.
  • An intensive driving course can be more cost-effective too. On average people take up to 40 hours driving tuition when taking 1 hr per week, with intensive driving lessons we can guarantee that the average number of hours is closer to 25 - that's a potential saving of 15 hours – over €700!
  • We follow the RSA official driving test syllabus to help you get on your way to having a full car driving licence.
  • You can learn at your own pace and once you feel ready we'll continue your driving lessons on the main road.


Intensive Driving Courses

Intense driving lessons for those wishing to pass their driving test in a short period of time. Our intensive driving courses are tailored to fit your individual circumstances and needs. Intensive driving courses, sometimes called crash driving courses, are the fastest way for learner drivers to take and pass their driving test.

If you are unsure whether an intensive course is for you, why not call or text Ace Driving School to discuss your requirements, when we can arrange for you to take a driving assessment lesson to ascertain your standard of driving and if you would benefit from doing an intensive course or you may be better doing a semi-intensive course spread out over a number of weeks. Intense driving lessons might not suit you if you are a very nervous driver or simply have difficulty keeping concentration for a long period of time.

Why take an Intensive Course?

The benefit of an intensive course is that you can fit the lessons in around work, college or holidays. Some people find the idea of 'getting it over with in one go' appealing, others need to learn quickly.

What does 'Intensive' actually mean?

There is proof that taking driving lessons up to a maximum of 6 hours a day, without regular breaks becomes ineffective as the pupil reaches a learning plateau and stops taking in information. At Ace Driving School we know that the best results are achieved when the pupil has a chance to digest the information and then is able to put into practice what they have learned. Therefore, we allow time for breaks on the intensive course schedule.

How do you decide how much practice I need?

Ace Driving School offers a course tailor-made for you with the best possible results. You can decide which course suits your needs depending on how much practice you have done beforehand. Obviously, the less driving practice experience you have the more lessons you will need, and vice versa the more experience the less you will need.

Are there any disadvantages to an Intensive Driving Course?

While not exactly a disadvantage, it must be said that this course does require commitment and a real willingness to pass. If you have an awkward lesson, you get back on the road the next day so there is no time to ponder on what went wrong as there would if you had a week gap. However, many people find this helpful, rather like getting back on a horse. Our Intensive Courses are designed to be intense, but not overwhelming. We have found at Ace  Driving School that this method of learning yields excellent results.