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ACE Driving School cover all areas of Co Kerry and Cork City


We specialize in giving our students the very best training available.

ACE Driving School Cork can help you get over the final hurdle – the driving test!

Here at ACE Driving School, we offer:

  • Pre-test lessons and packages, Preferences of Car Hire for Driving Test will be given to existing ACE Driving School Customers [Where possible] 
  • Help to prepare for “the test”, for example, documentation and guidance,
  • Dual control cars for the test, so it is one less thing to worry about on the big day!
  • Pre-test lessons

    Pre-test driving lesson

    A Pre-test driving lesson is a warm-up just before you undertake the driving test. It involves: driving the test routes, vehicle checks, a run through the rules of the road and road signs. The driving instructor will guide you through all aspects of the driving test during the lesson, covering the grading system, identifying your current driving faults and explain the work needed to pass the RSA driving test.

    Pretend driving test:

    A mock driving test is a simulation of the RSA driving test, the driving instructor will use the official marking system used and provide detailed feedback on your performance. This is generally done a week or two before you undertake the driving test. It is a good way of evaluating areas of your driving that might need attention as well as providing the experience of the driving test process.

    Car hire for driving test

    Ace Driving School uses fully insured and taxed, dual controlled cars. The car is reliable, safe, easy to use and available to be hired for the test to those who have reached a test standard.

    Pre-test checks

    Below are some pre-test checks that Ace Driving School believes you should be aware of to help you pass your driving test. This list is not exhaustive but it will point you in the right direction.

  • Make sure your car is in a roadworthy condition, you will fail your test if it is not.
  • Make sure that all appropriate disks such as NCT, Tax, and Insurance are correctly displayed and up to date.
  • Take at least one pre-test driving lesson, the instructor will highlight areas where you must improve your driving skills in order to pass your test.
  • Read and learn the rules of the road. Remember that the test will also include an oral exam on the rules of the road and many people fail their driving test at this point even before they step into their car.
  • Learn your car's secondary controls such as demisters, wipers etc and how to ensure the engine oil levels are correct and where the windscreen wash is located etc.
  • Make sure you practice: Moving off, hill Starts, turnabout etc correctly
  • One of the main reasons people fail their driving test is lack of preparation.

    Pre-test lessons maximize your chances of passing your test first time. Your Pre-Test will be conducted on actual test routes, by a qualified ADI. With this in mind, you can be assured we know exactly what the tester wants and expects from you, and we know just what it takes for you to pass your test.

    The content of the pre-test are as follows:

  • Explanation of test format
  • Oral test preparation (obligatory questions & signs)
  • Marking system explained
  • Technical checks explained
  • Mock test (on actual test routes)
  • Fault identification & analysis
  • Corrective action /discussion /tips
  • Your mock test will be conducted in exactly the same format as the official RSA test. It will mirror the exact way the testers conduct themselves i.e how they speak to you and how they give directions on your practical test.


    Approx. 2 hours - €100 (Recommended)

    Content: As pre-test above, but allows for an instructional lesson, telling you exactly how you should drive and what the tester expects from you. Demonstration/practice of manoeuvres, and cover additional test routes.

    CAR HIRE PACKAGE both Manual Car and Automatic Car Prices

    OPTION 1

    Car hire plus a one hour lesson beforehand - €150 

    OPTION 2

    Car Hire plus a two hour lesson beforehand - €180 

  • Content includes:

  • RSA report sheet explained
  • Summary of report sheet and requisite knowledge/skills required on the test
  • Technical checks (all possible questions covered and answered)
  • Detailed list of sample questions for the oral test including obligatory subjects