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Please read all our Terms & Conditions fully before booking your Driving Lessons.

In Order to take Driving Lessons you must:

Be aged 17 or older.

Be in possession of a current Valid Driving Licence or Learner's Permit at the times of your Driving Lessons.

The Driving Lesson cannot be carried out and the Pupil will be liable for the full cost of the cancelled Driving Lessons.

( you must carry your Learner's Permit with you at all times during your Driving Lessons. It is also the students responsibility to wear spectacle's or contact lenses if they are required )

" Full spoken and written English is essential for all Driving Lessons to be Safely carried out by your ADI "

Your ADI reserves the right to cancel your Driving Lessons, where the ADI feels that safety may be compromised due to the students lack of understanding of spoken or written English.

In this case the student will be liable for the full cost of the cancelled Driving Lessons.

Your ADI also reserves the right to cancel your Driving Lessons, where the ADI feels that safety may be compromised due to adverse weather. In this case a new appointment will be arranged as a replacement Driving Lesson at the earliest possible time to suit both the Student and the ADI.

All Driving Lessons are a 2 Hour Driving Lesson, unless otherwise agreed directly with your appointed ADI.

Your ADI will determine the lessons according to your ability. Your ADI will ensure that the lessons meet your specific needs and amend your lessons accordingly as your Driving ability improves.


STUDENTS: Please Read ALL our Terms & Conditions Fully Before Booking Lessons:


1. Declaration Policy:  I declare that I have read and understood these Terms & Conditions and that I understand and accept these Terms & Conditions.

2. Booking Lessons Policy:  ACE Driving School May have to cancel or reschedule pre-arranged Driving Lessons to facilitate last-minute rescheduled  Driving Tests in extreme circumstances. We change times and dates of lessons when requested [if possible] But we cannot change RSA Driving Test Times and Dates.  We, Will, try to facilitate any Cancellation / Last minute Driving Tests where possible.

3. Cancellations Policy: Cancellations should be made directly with your ADI and a minimum of  48 Hrs notice must be given to cancel an arranged lesson. Any cancellation that does not give a minimum of 48 hrs Notice will be charged at the full price of the arranged Lesson or the hours Deducted from pre-paid lessons.  

4. Gift Voucher Policy: As Per "The Consumer Protection Act 2019". (Gift Vouchers Act)

  All Vouchers Purchased from 2/12/2019 will be valid for 5 years from the date of purchase.  A Voucher will only be Valid once it has a valid Reference Number.  { The name on the Voucher is not important But The Reference Number is Vital }  vouchers can only be used by one single student and not divided between a multiple of Students. The value of the Voucher is the price paid for the Voucher. The price charged for the Lesson will be the Current price at the time of the Lesson and if there is a difference in the current price of lessons and the price paid for the Voucher. The student can pay the balance to make up the difference in the Price. Any Balance owed from a Voucher can be carried over on a Voucher with the Original Date of Purchase or Refunded by Bank Transfer.    

5. Purchased Lessons Policy: All lessons must be prepaid before the start of lessons. All lessons must be taken within 6 months of the date of purchase. all lessons are prepaid in advance of the lesson. Prepaid lessons are non-transferable. 

6. Lesson Price Policy: The price of Driving lessons are. Manual Car and Automatic Car Driving Lessons €50 per each Hour.

7. Car Hire for use on Driving Test Policy: Students who wish to hire one of our School Cars. Must take a minimum of 4 Hours Pre Test lessons before a Car may be offered for hire to a student for use on their Driving Test.  EDT  Lessons will not be taken into consideration for these 4 Hours. Preference will be given to existing ACE Driving School Clients for car hire on their Driving Test [where possible]

If after taking the 4 Hours Pre Test Lessons and if The Driving Instructor considers that the student is not at a safe Driving standard. The Driving Instructor can refuse to hire their vehicle to the student for use on their Driving Test.                                                                                                                                             

8. Online Payment charges / Booking Deposit charges  Policy:  All lessons purchased and paid online will incur a transaction charge. Currently, we have the following options

Pay Pal transaction charge is currently 3% plus €0.20 transaction charge for each transaction.      Sum Up transaction charge is 1.95% plus €0.25 per transaction. These charges may change without notice.     

9. EDT Log Book Policy: A fee of €5 will be charged for EDT logbooks on any other lesson that requires The Instructor to provide an RSA EDT Log Book.

10. Cancellation of Balance of Lessons Policy and Refund of Balance of Monies Pre Paid: The balance of any Monies Paid to your ADI for your Driving Lessons will be calculated by our Hourly Rates which is Currently €50 per Hour, also the cost of the EDT Log Book is €5.00. These will be deducted from any payments made.

11. Refunds Policy: All block booking payments are non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances, and at the ADIs discretion, any refunds that are made should be direct with the ADI, not ACE Driving School Group head office. ACE Driving School Group cannot be held responsible for any payments made to the ADI.

12. Contract Policy: If you have chosen to undertake driving tuition this agreement is between you and your ACE Driving School Group instructor. No contractual liability shall arise or subsist between you and ACE Driving School Group. This contract is between the purchaser and the driving instructor who has agreed to deliver the services. The driving instructors reserve the right to alter, suspend or terminate any driving lesson at any time at their discretion. The booking by you for a driving lesson is an offer to purchase the service and is subject to acceptance by the driving instructor.

13. Learner Permit / Driving Licence Policy: Failure to show a valid learner permit before the commencement of the Driving lesson will result in the loss of the lesson and any fees paid. You Must carry  A Valid Learner Permit or Full Driving Licence on each of your  Driving Lesson, It Is an offence to drive without a valid Licence or Permit.  

14. Endorsement/ Restrictions  Policy: Endorsements or restrictions on your licence preventing you from driving at the appointment time will result in loss of the lesson and any fees paid.

15. Lesson Break Policy: There cannot be a break between lessons of more than 6 weeks, otherwise the remaining lessons will be forfeit. Abuse of these offers will result in the remaining lessons being revoked without the possibility of a refund. (this does not affect your statutory rights).

16. Waiting Time Policy: ACE Driving School Group allows 15 minutes waiting time, due to unforeseen delays such as traffic, etc. After that time the Lesson is forfeit. 

17. Break down Policy: In the event of a mechanical breakdown of the vehicle in which you have been learning to drive, or for any other reason, the instructor reserves the right to re-arrange a driving lesson to a time convenient to both you and the ADI.

18. Postponed/cancelled Driving Test Policy: The ADI cannot be held responsible for driving tests being postponed or cancelled by the Road Safety Authority.

19. Payment to Instructor Policy: Where payments are made to the instructor, ACE Driving School Group does not accept responsibility whatsoever for any acts, defaults or failure on the part of the ADI not carrying out his or her obligations.

20. Refusal Policy: We at ACE Driving School Group reserve the right to refuse a driving lesson or terminate a driving lesson should the driver be under the influence of alcohol or any other substances that would contravene road safety Or for ANY safety reason.

21. Driving Test Car Hire policy: A test can only be booked with the full consent of the ADI. We  ACE Driving School Group reserve the right to withdraw our cars for the test without notice, should the ADI consider that you are not to test standard. We give Preference to existing Students for Car Hire For Driving Tests 

22. Appointment Times Policy: All appointment times are calculated from the driving test centre. The travelling from the test centres to the student's work or home will be taken from the student's training hours. Returning to the test centre of the instructor will also be taken from the student's time. If the student wishes to avail of the maximum time of training, then the student should meet the appointed Instructor at the test centre.

23. Instructor Cancellation Policy: All lessons are booked with the full intention of them being delivered by your ACE  Driving School Instructor, however, in the unlikely event that it becomes necessary for us to cancel a lesson, we will endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible and we will always seek to offer you an alternate time or date that is suitable for you. Should this not be possible, then upon your request, the lesson fee (if prepaid) will be refunded to you in full.

24. Changing Instructor Request Policy: A student may request to change Instructor if they wish.

25.  Intensive Course Cancellation Policy: If you have booked an intensive course, ACE Driving School Group requires 7 days notice of cancellation in order for you to receive a full refund. Should you give less than 7 days notice, but more than 5 days notice, then 50% of the fee paid will be refunded to you. In the event that you give less than 5 day's notice of cancellation, then your course fee will not be refunded.

26. Complaints Policy : 
ACE Driving School Group would like you to be delighted with your driving lessons. If you are not satisfied then any complaints should be made in the first instance to your instructor. If a suitable solution is not reached then the complaint should be put in writing to ACE Driving School Group via the contact us form.
ACE Driving School Group is open from 9 am – 9 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am – 5 pm Saturday and on Sunday By appointment only. Other times are available by appointments with your ADI.

It would be extremely helpful if any and all complaints are made within 30 Days of the Lesson Taking Place as dashcam recordings are kept for a 30 Day period. We do not keep recordings beyond the 30 Days unless specifically requested to do so.

 Please read T&C number 28 Regarding the use of recording equipment in our vehicles.      

27. Mobile Phone / Mobile Device  Policy:  Students May Not use a Mobile phone during the lesson. Instructors may at certain times use their Mobile Phones Or Mobile Devices during the Lesson to [a] check the " Student Driver App" to make sure all aspects of the lesson have been covered. [b] to look back and review an incident that was recorded on the car camera. [c] to mark faults on the students marking sheet for discussion at the end of the lesson. [d] The Instructor may use a Mobile Phone during a Driving Lesson in exceptional circumstances.   The Instructor will only ever use these devices if the Instructor Feels it is safe to do so. 

28. Dashcams / CCTV Recording device policy: Students should be aware that there are recording devices in all " ACE Driving School Cork" vehicles. These Cameras record both inside and the outside of the vehicle during the Driving Lesson. The purpose of the CCTV system in the vehicles is to create a safe environment for the Instructors and Students alike. To Provide evidence to substantiate or rebut any allegations made, and for the improvement of performance and quality of service.       

ACE Driving School - Terms and conditions For Pupils 

Please Read in Full Before Booking Lesson.